Soooo I Really Have Endometriosis!

July 8, 2014 | Endometriosis

I had my first laparoscopic surgery in January 2011. This was also my last year as an undergrad student. I was well on my way as a college graduate and I could not be more excited to get this part of my life behind me so I can move on to a more thriving career and advance as much as possible in the medical field. After a 45 minute procedure and a successful trial urination I was able to go home completely “healed.” Or so I thought!

The first couple of months was great. I had no significant pain, I was back on contraceptive pills, and no breakthrough bleeding. I was so excited and happy to know that I was “cured.” Well as soon as I thought that, October came and went with no menstruation to date for that month. I knew something didn’t seem right so I went back to my surgeon for a sonogram. To my surprise I was informed ten months later that my endo had returned. “What do you mean it returned? I was just here and you said when I left here that I was fine. I don’t quite follow” is what I told my doctor. That was when he said “well endometriosis is a condition that comes back and yours have returned.”

Perplexed and confused I had no clue as to what my next steps would be. My doctor wanted to put me on Lupron for six months as a trial run, but was unsure of the effects of how it would affect my body because my condition was so severe. I was so indecisive if this was the route I wanted to go because no one want to experience premenopausal symptoms in their 20s, but if this was something I needed to do I would do it. After much research, and contacting my health insurance company, I opted on no Lupron. Not only was it a 50-50 chance that’ll it’ll be beneficial to me, I would have to pay $1,200 because my insurance did not cover it. That’s $7200 ladies and gentleman & I said absolutely not!
The next option was getting a second opinion. My mom came across this physician online named Dr. Kenayama. I was skeptical about my initial appointment with him because I did not know if he”ll be able to help me, or give me false hope, but I knew I had to see someone else. After my vaginal sonogram with him, he simply said “I’m sorry, excuse my french but you’re really fuc*** up down there and need surgery immediately!” His secretary then gave me a list of vitamins and foods to stay away. Out of nowhere I started crying like I lost my best friend. Everything was happening so fast and when I started looking at the things to avoid, I realized how much of it I was consuming thinking I was being “healthy.” This was my first time ever hearing about an “Endo diet” and I felt so overwhelmed I had no idea where to begin.
March 2012 I underwent a six hour surgery. Not only fix the immense scar tissue I formed from the first surgery, but to finally remove the root of where my surgeon felt my endometriosis started. I could not believe that I went from under an hour surgery, to two hours shy of a full work day for someone. From that moment on I told myself that I would do whatever possible and follow this new regimen to avoid experiencing anything this traumatizing again; if I can help it. To date I have not had another lap and I have am truly grateful to Dr. Kenayama showing me that I can be a healthy woman with endometriosis!


As you can see in the top two pictures my endo completely covering my ovaries. The bottom two pics, my Dr is removing the endo tissue & chocolate from my organs.


This is another view. The top two pics believe it or not those are my ovaries completely glued together due to my endometriosis. The bottom two pics show my ovaries freed thanks to my surgeon, Dr. Kenayama.

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