A Natural Girl’s Guide To Wearing Wigs

April 18, 2017 | Beauty

When I first started out on my natural hair journey, I made the misconceived notion that wigs are for people of a certain age. As I started seeing more people like me wearing them I realized that I was wrong. Wigs can be worn no matter what your age is. Although I myself was hesitant to wear them initially, I realized that wigs could be a great addition to protective styling repertoire. It allows me to have different hairstyles when I want to relax from styling my hair weekly. There are so many different types of wigs now that I myself have used for protective styling when I wanted to let my hair grow or just wanted a different look for a while. Here are a few tips that can help you find the right wig for you.

  • Find One That Fits Your Style – It is okay to try on your wigs before purchasing – especially if this is your first time venturing out into wearing them. Personally, I like to do so because I do not want to be disappointed if it is not the look I envisioned while seeing it on the mannequin in the store. Not every wig that you see will fit the shape of your face and that is okay. Find wigs that will emphasize on hairstyles you’ve envisioned to do with your own natural hair. This will be a great opportunity to see what styles can work in the future for you without committing to a permanent decision on your own hair. Since my hair is naturally curly, I chose curly wigs that were longer than my natural tresses and I love it. It often leaves people wondering whether or not the wig is my own natural hair.
  • Add A Little Color – I know how much hesitation one can have with adding color to their natural hair. This is one of the great things about wearing a wig – there are a large variety of colors to choose. From many different colors, to highlights, even two toned, they have it all. This is the most exciting part. Not only are there different styles, but you can add a dose of color will make you look and feel like a different woman! No matter what brand you purchase, wig colors are the same, which is the good thing about becoming comfortable with a color other than your natural one. Because certain colors tend to sell out more quickly than others, I usually buy two of the same wigs. That way I know I’ll have more than one, and can continue to wear that specific wig for a longer time span.
  • Cut And Style As You Desire – If there is a wig that may be too long or you desire layers, you can purchase the wig and have it cut. Some wig stores have a stylist on site that will shape your wig for you for a certain cost. Even if you see a sample wig displayed on a mannequin a certain way, know that there is no one way to wear your wig! Some wigs are parted in different ways to give you a variety. I recently bought a wig that was a lace front and the hair was meant to wear all going back. Because that was not the look I was personally going for, I had my cousin cut me a bang and layer the sides to allow some volume and different look for the wig and I loved it! Sometimes all your wig needs are some shape to match the frame of your face.

There are numerous reasons why women decide wear wigs and age is not necessarily always the reason. There’s nothing better than wearing different hair to fit your style as a woman. Once I started embracing this aspect of protective styling, it has now become my favorite to wear – I even have names for them! Wigs can be a friendly reminder that there are things out there for us women to accentuate the beauty we already have. Cheers to a fun wig shopping ladies!

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